Chaya Ruby Roller Derby Skate

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Affordable, capable derby skate with with glass-fiber reinforced plastic shell incl. torsion bar, Octo Propel wheels.


Start your adventures in roller derby in the Chaya Ruby, the perfect roller skate for newbies just getting into the sport. With a striking, stylish design the Ruby has a high-end look and all the tools you need to rule the derby track. Performance is guaranteed in the Chaya Ruby. The outer sole of the skate is made of light and durable glass-fiber reinforced plastic that includes a torsion bar. The bar is essentially a sophisticated bridge that helps combat improper flexing, delivering crucial stiffness to the bottom of your skates. This capable and affordable roller derby skate has a low-cut boot that provides increased ankle movement for better control and incorporates a reliable lacing system and lock-tight heel that ensures superb support and responsiveness. Paired with a strong PU-leather upper, this durable skate can take on the demands of even the most intense derby matches. Complete with Derby-proven Octo Propel 59mmx38mm / 92A PU-wheels and WICKED ABEC 7 freespin bearings, this capable and affordable derby skate is ready to go right out of the box.

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1 review for Chaya Ruby Roller Derby Skate

  1. Mickey

    These are awesome skates. Love the look and feel.

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