Tempish Viber 80 Inline Skates

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This model of freestyle skates is suitable for both beginners and experienced skaters with a medium to wide foot.

 The skeleton of the skate is well ventilated – ventilation reaches the foot thanks to a ventilated liner, which contains holes around its entire circumference, including the tongue. A screw with a special nut and washer is used in the skate joint, thanks to which the cuff is replaceable and can be tightened if necessary, it also guarantees a longer service life than the articulated rivet. The upper metal self-locking buckle has a bend at the end for a better grip. The strap is inserted into the skeleton so that it does not catch on the second skate during slalom and freestyle, the buckle itself is protected against damage by the lower plastic boss. The instep strap is equipped with a single-stage micro buckle with very comfortable tightening and loosening thanks to the ratchet system.

 The plastic protectors on the outside of the skates are replaceable, as is the instep strap. The holes for the laces are fitted with strong metal rings for the protection of the laces and better tightening. Thanks to the use of waxed laces with a width of 10mm, it is possible to tighten the laces gradually and to close the skeleton of the skate more effectively.

 The skate liner is ventilated, has holes around its entire circumference and reinforced with PVC at the top. There is an elastic neoprene in the area of the fingers to increase comfort. In the back, there is a loop with a reflective strip. Reflective parts are also added on the outside of the skate. In the area of the Achilles tendon, the liner is lowered and shaped into a V-shape, which enhances manoeuvrability and mobility, and thus easier execution of freestyle tricks and moves. The liner has cut-outs in the area of the ankle bend sewn with elastic neoprene, which achieves optimal anatomical dispositions of the liner while maintaining its rigidity. The lower part of the liner uses a material that slides less in the skeleton. The shoe has an anatomical insole with a thickness of 3 mm, which is comfortable enough, yet not too soft.

 Under the liner in the heel part, the shock-absorbing silent block made of TPR material, which perfectly absorbs vibrations and shocks, is fairly thick, soft and comfortable.

The tongue of the liner is sufficiently stiff and thick, it consists of 2 parts, so it perfectly copies the instep of the foot. The tongue holds the position well thanks to the use of a drawstring.

 The chassis made by CNC is strongly reinforced with a three-dimensional structure, very strong, stable and precise. The chassis is attached to the shoe with 2 central bolts and 2 robust aluminium blocks with threads. Thanks to these blocks, the transmission of power is significantly more efficient. The chassis can be adjusted transversely and longitudinally. The hollow axles for weight reduction have a diameter of 8mm and are mounted on the left skate on the inside and on the right skate on the outside to prevent the screws from loosening while riding.

 Chassis mounting dimensions: 165mm

 Bearings: quality ABEC-9 chrome with rubber duster for easy cleaning and maintenance

Chassis size (wheelbase): 37-40: 235.5 mm, 41-46: 247.5 mm


Size 37-40 wheels 4*76x24mm

Size 41-45 wheels 4*80x24mm

Size: 37- 45

The length of the innersole:

Size: 37 – 23.6cm

Size: 38 – 24.5 cm

Size: 39 – 25.2cm

Size: 40 – 25.9cm

Size: 41 – 26.6cm

Size: 42 – 27.6cm

Size: 43 – 28.3cm

Size: 44 – 29.0cm

Size: 45 – 29.7cm

Additional information

Tempish size

38=5 UK, 39=6 UK, 40=6.5 UK, 41=7 UK, 42=8 UK


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