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S1 Lifer Certified Roller Skate Helmet 

For Use: The S1 Lifer Helmet is designed, constructed and safety certified to be worn while riding your skateboard, bicycle or roller skates.

Description: We describe the S1 Lifer Helmet as a “roller skate” helmet because we have been manufacturing skate helmets for over 20 years, but you could also describe The S1 Lifer as a bike helmetskateboard helmetbmx helmet, roller derby helmet, or scoot helmet because the S1 Lifer Helmet is ASTM certified and CPSC certified to be worn while riding your skateboard, roller skates, bike or scooter (non-motorized).


• Specially formulated EPS Fusion Foam
• Certified Multi-Impact (ASTM)
• Certified High Impact (CPSC)
• 5x More Protective Than Regular Skate Helmets
• Deep Fit Design

Lightweight + CPSC Certified for Skate & Bike + Trusted By The Pros = S1 Lifer Helmet

Please see Lifer size chart.

Note helmet size is one size – sizing liners determine the size.

Please place order and email melony@melsskateshop.co.za to select size once order is placed.



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