REKD Heavy Duty Triple pad set


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Knee, elbow and wrist guards package
Recommended usage:

Outdoor skating, roller disco, beginner roller skating. Due to the smaller sized knee pads we strongly recommend that roller derby and freshmeat skaters do not choose a basic package.

Heavy duty knee, elbow and wrist guards
Hard wearing, high impact caps
Dual splint wrist guard
Dual elasticated velcro straps and triple velcro straps on wrist guards
Comfort lining
Elasticated fitting sock with moisture vent

D: Measured 3-5cm above the knee
B: Measured 2-3cm above the elbow
E: Measured around the wrist

XS – To fit users D: 21-27cm, B: 18-22cm, E: 14-16cm
S – To fit users D: 24-30cm, B: 21-26cm, E: 16-18cm
M – To fit users D: 27-37cm, B: 24-30cm, E: 18-21cm
L – To fit users D: 30-45cm, B: 26-34cm, E: 21-23cm
XL – To fit users D: 33-52cm, B: 29-41cm, E: 22-24cm

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