John Wilson Ice Skate Blades

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Please note:  Blades are not in stock locally and are imported individually, price might vary as per exchange and supplier Price.

Prices below are an estimate as of April 2022.

For more information:  John Wilson (

Email us to get an exact price.

Delivery is normally 2 weeks depending on supplier availability.

Blades ordered are subject to a no return/no refund policy unless there is a defect.

Standard VersionSize RangeRand Selling Price as of April 2022
Coronation Ace7” – 12”4617.59
Coronation Ace Lite8″-11″4991.89
Coronation Dance8” – 12”4617.59
Pattern 998” – 12”8042.43
Gold Seal8” – 12”9277.62
Phoenix Gold8″ – 1111186.55
Phoenix 998″ – 11″11186.55
Parabolic Version
additional cost of R1100
(not available in Lite & Phoenix models)
Revolution Blades (Lightweight)
Revolution 1 8″- 11″ additional cost of R1600


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