Chaya Lifestyle Elite Angel Blue Roller Skates



There’s something heavenly about the Melrose Blue Angel roller skate from CHAYA. Combining classic style, modern features and impressive performance, this all-around roller skate is right at home cruising the boardwalk, on the dance floor, or ruling the skatepark. With the CHAYA Melrose Blue Angel there’s no need to compromise. Made of vegan-friendly materials, the skate delivers superb performance and comfort in one stylish package. The interior of the boot has dense ankle padding and mesh lining material, providing a fantastic balance between functionality and comfort. The upgraded Elite series skates now feature a Bubble Switch Sole (BSS). The soles have replaceable shock absorption elements in three different hardnesses. You can easily switch between cushions with a simple 1/4 turn of the screw. The sole can be changed to improve either comfort or power transfer depending on your needs and skating style. For extra durability, the toe of the Melrose Blue Angel has a protective layer of TPU material. Ready for an amazing skating experience right out of the box, these versatile roller skates come with a rigid Shari Plate, 62mmx38mm / 78A wheels and smooth WICKED ABEC 9 bearings. All-around roller skates deliver great looks, superb comfort, and excellent performance for all your roller skating needs.

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Boot Overview:
Chaya BSS Lifestyle outsole; high cut; standard mounting; built-in liner / mesh; not heat moldable; vegan
Plate Overview:
Chaya Shari; glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) – GFK; injection molding; standard mounting; AL cast truck; Chaya Controller toe stop
Wheel Overview:
Chaya Cloud 9´s, 62mm*38mm, 78A, Outdoor, Cruising Comfort
Bearing Overview:
Wicked; ABEC 9; carbon steel

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UK/SA size

UK/SA 4, UK/SA 4.5, UK/SA 5, Uk/SA 6, UK/SA 6.5, UK/SA 7, UK/SA 8


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